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Study flashcards with a matching game - Touchcards 2 for iPhone

This short video shows the matching game in Touchcards 2 ( Touchcards can import flash cards from StudyStack, Quizlet, and Google ...

Touchcards 2 - Video Demo

How to make great flashcards on your iPhone

Use Google Docs spreadsheets to make great flashcard decks for your iPhone or other smartphone.

Android App Review Investing Flashcard By Investinggator

UniScan App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Scan Any Card - Magnetic or Barcode by

For more information or to purchase UniScan for Mobile devices, please visit our online store, UniScan is also ...

Flashcards - Sharing Flash Cards Wirelessly.mp4

Flashcard Touch from Agilis Lab

Toy Review -- DK My First Touch & Feel Cards First Words

Cards from this review: My First Touch & Feel Picture Cards: First Words -- Other DK My First card sets: MY First Touch & Feel Picture ...

Voice Cards Are Not Flashcards!! 1.5 Update

Welcome to Voice Cards Are Not Flashcards 1.5 !! A Brand New update that takes vocal flashcards to the next level! In this version, download flashcards from ...

iPad. SoundTouch (baby game)

Lots of sounds (cars, animals, birds, musical instruments, home sounds).

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