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Needs improvement

Its ok...but its hard to swipe to a new card, at least on my phone...and there should be a option where if you get one wrong, you can put it in a separate pile and do them again later


why cant I load more than one deck at a time?

Not worth it

Poor UI, trial only stores 1 deck.


Well, first of all, it wouldn't import my cards from quizlet. Second, why import cards from quizlet on this app if you can just study them right from quizlet? It is much less time consuming and ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!


I tried connecting to quizlet yet it won't import my flach cards. :(


Don't get it  I give it -s

Good, could be better

Why does it cut off after a limited number of characters? I have a lot of writing per card and it's not showing all of it. I wish you would fix that. Otherwise, I'm very happy I can load an entire set for free. Thank you!

Yay, what ,doesn't work

Doesn't work and import thing is too complicated! U should jst search or log in to ur quizlet!!!!


Makes studying so much easier.

Very Nice

This is very nice for all my reviewing purposes. I love the simple design. For an upcoming version might I suggest the ability to make your own right on the device. All in all a very nice app.


If you don't mind the no frills, this is the best free flashcard app for the simple reasons it works seamlessly with Google Docs!! (a little time-saving trick not mentioned in the how-to section: open google docs in iPhone web browser highlight/copy/paste the spreadsheet code into the import screen rather than typing.)

Good idea but doesn't work!!!

I downloaded this for the sake of quizlet but whenever I tried to import my cards, it wouldn't work. It was just a waste of time. Im not the only one with this problem. Some people may get it or may not but I'm one of the unfortuanate ones. 


It's a rare time when the app you download does what you want without the confusion, but this is one of those few that happen to succeed. Congratulations to the creator, I am satisfied. Thank you very much for creating this! HOWEVER... I would enjoy seeing a shuffle option within the near future-that would be very nice!

Awesome app, does just what it says

Only improvement would be to make the swiping more sensitive. Thanks!

Simple. Effective.

A straightforward app that works just as described. Very effective for quickly importing and reviewing. But even better was that the developer responded very, very quickly to questions.

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